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PCF8563 PCF8563T 8563 IIC Real Time Clock RTC Module

Realtime clock module based on the NXP PCF8563T a programmable, I2C communicating up to 400KHz / 400Kb/S, high precision real-time clock chipset.

It offers multiple functions such as external programmable clock output, alarm, timer, features and external quartz and a backup battery. More steady and precise than DS1302 or DS1307.


  • The PCF8563 RTC Board provides the real-time clock/calendar function, which can be driven by a battery on board and works independently even when the MCU is turned off.
  • Low-cost, extremely accurate I2C real-time clock (RTC).
  • More steady and precise than DS1302 or DS1307.
  • Support I2C bus cascade (by pin, row seat docking method, which can use multiple I2C modules)
  • Wide voltage range: 1.0-5.5V.
  • Typical value: 0.25uA.
  • Output frequency: 32.768KHz, 1024Hz, 32Hz, 1Hz.
  • 4 kinds of real-time clock/calendar functions.

Package Includes:

1x PCF8563 RTC Board

1x Pin header

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