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Motor and Driver

Motor and Driver
 DC 200RPM 3-6v BO Gear Motor With Plastic Tire Wheel  For Arduino Smart Car
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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FRC-04-302
Plastic Tire Wheel With DC 3-6v Gear Motor For Arduino Smart Car Specifications: Motor: Voltage: DC 3V-6V Current: 100 MA-120MA Reduction rate:  48: 1 RPM : 200RPM Tire Diameter: 65mm Car Speed(M/minute): 20-48 Motor Weight (g): 29/each Motor Size: 70mm X 22mm X 18mm Nois..
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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-422
This is 16 Channel PWM Servo Motor Driver 12C Module. Features : Adjustable frequency PWM up to about 1.6 kHz 12-bit resolution for each output – for servos, that means about 4us resolution at a 60Hz update rate Configurable push-pull or an open-drain output The output enable pin to ..
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L293D Motor Drive Module
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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-508
The Device is a monolithic integrated high voltage, high current four channel driver designed to accept standard DTL or TTL logic levels and drive inductive loads (such as relays solenoids, DC and stepping motors) and switching power transistors. To simplify use as two bridges each pair of channe..
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L293D Motor Driver Shield For Arduino
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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-509
L293D use 16 pin DIP package, its internal integration is bipolar H - bridge circuit. This kind of bipolar pulse width method has many advantages, such as the current continuous, or microcurrent vibration when the motor stops, which as a lubrication effect. It can eliminate the dead zone of static ..
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L298N Motor Driver Module For Arduino - Good Quality
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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-500
L298N 2A Based Motor Driver is a high power motor driver perfect for driving DC Motors and Stepper Motors. It uses the popular L298 motor driver IC and has an onboard 5V regulator which it can supply to an external circuit. It can control up to 4 DC motors, or 2 DC motors with directional and spe..
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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-402
The MG90S Metal Gear Micro Servo is a high-performance, precision-engineered servo motor designed for a wide range of applications, from robotics and RC vehicles to model airplanes and DIY projects. This compact yet powerful servo is a popular choice among hobbyists and engineers alike, thanks to it..
 360° - TowerPro MG995 Metal Gear Servo Motor MG995 360 degree
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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-407
TowerPro MG995 is Metal Gear Servo Motor. You can use any servo code, hardware, or library to control these servos, so it’s great for beginners who want to make stuff move without building a motor controller with feedback & gearbox, especially since it will fit in small places. The MG995 Metal Gear ..
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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-426
Manipulator Aluminum Robot Arm claw gripper MG995 Servo Bracket for Robot Smart Car Base Arduino projects robots NEW Material: hard aluminum alloy Paw maximum angle distance: 55mm Overall length of claws: 108mm (paw maximum length of the overall closed) Claws overall width: 98mm (when open paws maxi..
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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-347
020 Micro DC 3V Motor is a small motor modeled for the cube shape, because there is no shell, the internal structure is clearly visible, after power on, can clearly observe the motor rotor rotation track. Features: Small in size. 3V voltage test, no-load current is about 140mA, locked rot..
1000RPM High Torque Side Shaft DC Metal Geared Johnson Motor
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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-326
1000 RPM 12V DC Johnson high torque geared motors for robotics applications. It gives a massive torque of 10Kgcm. The motor comes with metal gearbox and off-cantered shaft. Specification : Motor Type : High Torque Side Shaft Metal Gearedbox Motor. Rated Voltage :12V DC. Rated RPM  :1000..
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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-310
    Specification: Weight: 125 gm(Approx.) RPM: 100 Operating Voltage: 12V DC Gearbox: Attached Metal Gearbox Shaft diameter: 6mm Shaft Length: 21 mm Torque: As per RPM No-load current = 60 mA(Max) Load current = 300 mA(Max). Dimensions: Body Diameter:..
100RPM DC 3-12V  L-Shape BO Gear Motor One side Shaft For Arduino Smart Car
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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-305
The 100RPM Single Shaft L- Shaped BO Motor motor gives good torque and rpm at lower operating voltages, which is the biggest advantage of these motors. It is an alternative to our metal gear DC motors. It comes with an operating voltage of 3-6V and is perfect for building small and medium robots. ..
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