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10 Jul How to reverse channel in KK Flight Controller KK 2.1.X Flight Controller - FlyRobo
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Here is a simple method to reverse channel in the kk flight controller.Who needs to use this method?..
31 Mar How to Make Smart home
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(Credit : Indian LifeHacker) Hello,In this tutorial,we are going to learn how to make smart ..
31 Mar What is NodeMCU ESP8266?
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NodeMCU ESP8266 is firmware based open source development board. Nodmcu ESP8266 is used for IOT (Int..
30 Jun Line follower robot
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(Credit : Indian LifeHacker) Hello,In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to make Line ..
11 Oct How to raise Return/Replacement Request?
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Step 1: Go to www.flyrobo.inStep 2: Login FlyRobo AccountStep 3: Go to AccountStep 4: Click on "View..
31 Mar How to celebrate ESC?
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Note: Before starting this process make sure that propeller is removed from motor for the safety pur..
10 May What is Arduino Board?
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Arduino is Micro Controller Board. → What is the Microcontroller board?The microcontroller is a ..
23 Jul Fixed -
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If you are receiving error like-  This app has been blocked for your protection.- An Administrator h..
14 May How to Make Mobile Remote Controlled Car Via Bluetooth
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In this video, we are going to make Mobile control car using the Arduino board and some other compon..
30 May TV Remote control Car
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(Credit: Indian LifeHacker) Hello, In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to make T.V Rem..
25 Sep How to Fix USB Error (Digital Signature Code 52 Error)?
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If you are receiving error likeWindows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers require..
07 Jan Fix error
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Problem: Error: "PreArm: Need 3D Fix"This problem is a very common problem in APM flight controll..
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