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Stepper Motor and Drivers

L293D Motor Drive Module
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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-508
The Device is a monolithic integrated high voltage, high current four channel driver designed to accept standard DTL or TTL logic levels and drive inductive loads (such as relays solenoids, DC and stepping motors) and switching power transistors.To simplify use as two bridges each pair of chann..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-509
L293D use 16 pin DIP package, its internal integration is bipolar H - bridge circuit.This kind of bipolar pulse width method has many advantages, such as the current continuous, or microcurrent vibration when the motor stops, which as a lubrication effect. It can eliminate the dead zone of static fr..
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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-500
L298N 2A Based Motor Driver is a high power motor driver perfect for driving DC Motors and Stepper Motors.It uses the popular L298 motor driver IC and has an onboard 5V regulator which it can supply to an external circuit. It can control up to 4 DC motors, or 2 DC motors with directional and speed c..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-341
28BYJ-48 is the most commonly used stepper motor because of its compact size, 5V power supply (that can be provided by any controller), and a high level of control. It has a stride angle of 5.625°/64, hence it will make 64 steps to complete one rotation (as every step covers  5.625) so it has a..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-511
Specification:If jumper is hit the position of ON DP, that means 16 segment (4988) or 32 segment (8825)Jm connected motorconnect 5v and 9v power supplyE, S, D, G, respectively corresponding to the connection of the Enable/Step/Dir/Gnd drive signal outputPackage included:1 x A4988 / DRV8825 Stepper ..
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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-503
The A4988 driver Stepper Motor Driver is a complete micro-stepping motor driver with a built-in converter, easy to operate. It operates from 8 V to 35 V and can deliver up to approximately 1 A per phase without a heat sink or forced air flow (it is rated for 2 A per coil with sufficient additional c..
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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-504
The DRV8825 stepper motor driver carrier is a breakout board for TI’s DRV8825 micro-stepping bipolar stepper motor driver. The DRV8825 features adjustable current limiting, over-current and over-temperature protection, and six microstep resolutions (down to 1/32-step). It operates from 8.2 – 45 V an..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-510
Description:L293D Motor Driver Module is a medium power motor driver perfect for driving DC Motors and Stepper Motors. It uses the popular L293 motor driver IC. It can drive 4 DC motors on and off, or drive 2 DC motors with directional and speed control. The driver greatly simplifies and in..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-667
Part No:L293DPin No: 16 pinsPackage included:1 x L293D Driver IC..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-516
Adopt dedicated high-power motor driver chip L298P which can directly drive two DC motors with drive current up to 2A. Use eight high-speed Schottky diodes at the motor output as protection. Stack design can be directly plugged into the Arduino, easier to use.The L298P shield DC motor driv..
NEMA17 4.2 KGCM Stepper Motor
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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-340
The NEMA17 4.2 kg-cm Stepper Motor can provide 4.2 kg-cm of torque at 1.2A current per phase. The stepper motors move in precisely repeatable steps, hence they are the motors of choice for the machines requiring precise position control. The motor’s position can be commanded to move or..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-04-525
The TB6560 Driver Board 3A CNC Router Single 1 Axis Controller Stepper Motor driver board is for axis control with Input signal high-speed optocoupler isolation, the large heat sink to ensure good heat dissipation. Stepper motor driver is Semi-flow mode adjustable, semi-flow current adjustable, with..
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