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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-997
This innovative thread allows you to seamlessly integrate electronics into your fabric projects, creating stunning designs that combine fashion and technology. With its conductive properties, this thread effortlessly conducts electricity, empowering you to create interactive wearables, soft circuits..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-809
Our 1.25mm Single Head DuPont Terminal Wire 6 Pin is now available. With our premium 1.25mm Single Head DuPont Terminal Wire, which has 6 pins, enjoy flawless connectivity. This wire, which is crafted for accuracy and dependability, is your go-to choice for securely joining electronic components...
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-885
We are pleased to present our AC Digital Voltmeter Tester, a convenient and effective answer to all of your voltage monitoring requirements. This 0.56" LED display guarantees crystal-clear readings in any electrical environment thanks to its broad voltage range of 70-500V. Because of its 2-wire desi..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-313
Introducing the 5.52.1mm DC Power Socket DC-015 – your reliable solution for seamless power connectivity. This compact and versatile power socket is designed to effortlessly fit a range of devices, making it a perfect choice for your electronic projects. With its precise 5.52.1mm dimensions, it e..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-886
We are pleased to present our state-of-the-art DC0-100V 50A LED DC Dual Display Digital Ammeter, which offers precise voltage and current monitoring. This small but mighty gadget is a vital tool for many uses because of its accuracy and user-friendliness. The DC0-100V 50A LED DC Dual Display Digi..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-925
The key to safe and dependable electrical connections is the GX16 8-pin Female Core Aviation Socket Connector. This connector's precise and long-lasting design guarantees smooth power transfer and communication in aircraft applications. It is perfect for use in avionics systems, aircraft wiring harn..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-965
Presenting our new USB camera, made especially for the Raspberry Pi 2/3 B+. Easily capture sharp photos and videos with this little, feature-rich camera. You may start recording or streaming as soon as you connect it to your Raspberry Pi because it is plug-and-play compatible. This camera is the ..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-883
The adaptable 0-24V to 4-20mA Voltage to Current Transmitter Module is now available. It's a small, easy-to-use solution for smooth signal conversion. By simply converting voltage signals in the 0–24V range into precise 4–20mA current signals, this module enables your electronic systems. It guarante..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-945
Presenting the 0.25 8R 29mm Speaker, the ideal audio partner for rich, full-bodied soundscapes. In every setting, this speaker produces crystal-clear music quality thanks to its small size and strong performance. With its deep bass and clear highs, this speaker produces rich, dramatic sound that is ..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-843
Presenting our LED Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Tester, the best instrument for precisely tracking electrical parameters. With its 4-digit display, this small device provides current and voltage readings in real time. It is ideal for a variety of applications due to its measurement range of 0-100V and ..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-871
We are pleased to present our 10A LED Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Tester, a portable powerhouse capable of making exact electrical measurements. This adaptable tool is a must-have for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers because it is designed for accuracy and convenience. With the 10A LED Digi..
0.56" LED 2 Wires Digital Voltmeter Tester for AC 70-500V - Blue
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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-810
Our 0.56" LED 2-Wire Digital Voltmeter Tester for AC 70-500V is now available. It is the vital instrument for checking electrical voltage without the hassle of intricate features. In conclusion, our 0.56" LED 2-Wire Digital Voltmeter Tester for AC 70-500V provides precise voltage measurement in a..
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