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Lithium batteries are widely used in portable consumer electronic devices. The term "lithium battery" refers to a family of different lithium-metal chemistries, comprising many types of cathodes and electrolytes but all with metallic lithium as the anode.

You don’t need to search for other products elsewhere because; as India’s the best online shopping store we have Lipo/ LifePO4 Batteries from 3.5V to 25V. We provide Lipo battery chargers, Li-ion batteries, and Its protection boards.  Also Non-rechargeable Coin cells, Different Battery connectors, and harness with DC power adapters. 

Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-02-616
Features:This is a pair of industry standard electrical connectors for your RC vehicles. These solder on connectors are ideal for use with batteries which do not come with connectors, or the other electrical system components of RC vehicles.The product have a very low internal resistance as compared..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-02-618
3.5mm Gold Plated Bullet Connector is made up of copper for good conductivity and Gold Plated for long life and avoid oxidation. The pair has a flexible connector that firmly fits together to avoid loose connections. It is widely used in RC applications.Features:Material: Copper (Gold Plated on top)..
₹25 ₹29
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FRM-02-622
Description:The product is a T Plug Male to XT60 Plug Female Connector. Package included:1x T Plug Male to XT60 Plug Female Connector..
₹109 ₹199
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FRM-02-620
Name: XT60 Connector 2 Female to 1 Males Parallel Connection CableWire: #12AWGLength: 100mm (including connector) Package Includes:1 x XT60 Connector..
₹189 ₹349
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-02-615
Description:Item No: XT60Item name: XT60 Male Female Bullet ConnectorApplication scope: battery, electronic speed controller and charger.Amperage rating: 30AmpsBullet connector: 3.5mmWeight: 6.7g/set Features:A new generation of model plug patent product, female end for battery and male end for char..
₹59 ₹78
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FRM-02-621
Description:Name: Amass XT60 Parallel ConnectorBrand: AmassModel: AM-MC02Cable material: 14 AWG wires with a special soft silicone wireCable length: 7cmPackage included:1 x XT60 Parallel Connector..
₹189 ₹383
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FRM-02-623
Description:The product is a XT60 Plug Male to T Plug Female Connector.Used in RC battery and motor. Package included:XT60 Plug Male to T Plug Female Connector..
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1.5V AAA Ultra Heavy Duty Battery
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Brand: Godrej Model: FR-07-419
The 1.5 V AAA Ultra Heavy Duty Battery features a high-quality construction for reliable and long-lasting use. This battery pack ensures glitch-free and smooth performance of your device. It is easy to install and use. For efficient performance, use it with compatible devices only.Features :..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-01-941
This is Double-ended Crocodile/Alligator Clips Roach Clips Electrical DIY Test Leads. It is an insulation-covered clip connected to the wire from both ends.Alligator clips can also be used as miniature clamps to hold parts together. In addition, it is also useful for gluing and wires together f..
Brand: Build Power Model: FR-02-316
This 3 cell Build Power lipo battery with 1000mah of capacity and 25C of discharge rate comes with XT60 Connector. This lipo battery is compatible with all types of DIY drones or Multi-Rotor. Features:Battery parameter: Build Power 11.1V 1000MAH 25CCapacity: 1000mahContinuous Discharge Rate: 2..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FRC-02-381
11.1V 2200mAH Lipo battery is Capable of maximum continuous discharge rates up to 30C, placing this battery among the most powerful Li-Po battery packs in its class! It offers an excellent blend of weight, power, and performance. Imax B3 AC Compact Charger is a simple and compact LiPoly balance char..
₹1,899 ₹1,999
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-07-408
Lithium-Ion charge protection circuit comes with over-charge, over-discharge, over-current and short circuit protection. MOS transistor can control the battery charge and discharge, Built-in three-stage over-current detection circuit, for a variety of various shapes 3.7 V lithium-Ion batteries.hx-2s..
₹111 ₹223
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