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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-805
With our Voltage to Current Transmitter Module, you can easily upgrade your control systems. The seamless conversion of voltage signals in the range of 0-2.5V into current signals with a standard range of 4-20mA makes this little but mighty device an excellent option for a variety of industrial appl..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-829
Introducing the ultimate on-the-go power option for your devices: the 1.5M DC 12V Car Charger Power Adapter. This efficient and portable charger is made to keep your gadgets charged while you're traveling. You have the flexibility to charge your gadgets while relaxing in your automobile thanks to..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-300
Features: Type: 103 Power: 0.1W Resistance: 10K Package included: 1 x 10K OHM Trimpot Trimmer Pot Variable Resistor 6mm..
10K Potentiometer Tone Control 10 Pcs
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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-301
Potentiometers also were known as POT, are nothing but variable resistors. They can provide a variable resistance by simply varying the knob on top of its head.Features:Type: Rotary a.k.a Radio POTAvailable in different resistance values like 500Ω, 1K, 2K, 5K, 10K, 22K, 47K, 50K, 100K, 220K, 470K, 5..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-827
Introducing the WS2812 5050 RGB LED Drive Ring Module (A05 24 Bit) - Light Up Your Environment! The WS2812 5050 RGB LED Drive Ring Module will enhance your lighting projects. Those who need the best in LED illumination will appreciate this robust and flexible module.  In the field of LED light..
3W White LED Beads
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Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-739
3W White LED Beads consume very low power and emit much intense bright light. It is useful for making flashlights, headlamps, robot headlights, etc.  Features: Small in Size. High Brightness Low Current Consumption Just connect to a 3V – 3.6V battery for very bright white light P..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-851
Introducing the powerhouse for your DIY electronic projects: the DC 3V–6V 400KV Boost Generator Module! This small module is perfect for a variety of applications because it can effectively boost low voltage to an amazing 400,000 volts. Release the high voltage power that is within your grasp. Th..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-847
The 41F 0H41 SH41 SS41F S41 Switch Sensor is here—the pinnacle of accuracy and dependability. This state-of-the-art sensor is built to last, offering unmatched performance in a small package. This sensor is the best option for accurate and seamless switching applications because it is made to fun..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-852
The powerhouse for all your energy needs is here: the Enhanced Edition 4S 14.8V 16.8V 40A 18650 Lithium Battery Protection Board. This advanced protection board is made to work as efficiently and safely as possible, extending the life of your lithium batteries. The Enhanced Edition 4S 14.8V 16.8V..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-831
Introducing the ideal instrument for precise applications, the 650nm 5mW Red 5V Point Laser Diode. This small, potent diode produces a bright red laser beam at 650 nanometers, making it perfect for a variety of applications. It is energy-efficient and simple to integrate into your projects because t..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-850
The 20MM EC11 Potentiometer Encoder Switch is here, offering a small-footprint solution for precise control. This adaptable encoder switch, with a 20MM diameter for simple integration into a range of applications, is made to elevate your electronic projects. This potentiometer encoder switch has ..
Brand: FlyRobo Model: FR-05-848
Presenting your dependable traveling companion, the GMOUSE USB GPS GLONASS External GPS Module VK-172. With accuracy and efficiency in mind, this small yet potent GPS module is made to improve your location tracking experience.   The GMOUSE USB GPS GLONASS External GPS Module VK-172 is the ideal ..
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