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HG7881 Two-Channel Motor Driver Board

HG7881 Two-Channel Motor Driver Board
HG7881 Two-Channel Motor Driver Board

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HG7881 Two-Channel Motor Driver Board is a very compact 2 way or dual-channel H-bridge Motor controller or driver module. The module has 2 L9110 IC that are capable to control either one stepper motor or 2 DC motors independently. It accepts a wide range of voltage supply from 2.5V to 12V, which makes the device compatible for both standard 3.3V and 5V microcontroller. Both motor controller chip can drive up to 800mA of continuous current. The module has a built-in output clamp diode to protect sensitive electronics like microcontrollers. 

The module is suitable to control small robots. It has a set of headers pins to connect with a microcontroller and a set of 2 screw terminals to connect with motors that are very convenient. The speed of the motor can be easily controlled with PWM (pulse width modulation) signal and direct with digital output. 


  • Can drive a stepper motor or 2 DC motors independently. 
  • Built-in output clamp diode
  • Compact size
  • Wide range of voltage supply
  • Compatible with both standard 3.3V and 5V microcontroller
  • Mounting holes to mount easily


  • Voltage supply range: 2.5V to 12V
  • Maximum output current: 800mA
  • Chip in the module: L9110s
  • Channel:  2

Package Includes:

1 x  HG7881 Two-Channel Motor Driver Board

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