In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to make a car with mecanum wheels using Arduino Uno, which can be controlled using a smartphone via Bluetooth.




Hardware Required






Software Required







  • Assemble the chassis as shown in the image below
  • Connect the four motors on each end as shown below.

  • Now attach the mecanum wheels on the dc motors. (Wheel required to attach properly because there are two types of mecanum wheel will be used so incorrect fitting of the wheel will result fail of the product. Fitting should be as showing in the)
  • Attach the Arduino Uno on the top of the chassis.
  • Fit the L293D Arduino motor driver shield on top of Arduino UNO r3. 
  • Now connect the HC-05 Bluetooth module to the Arduino shield.

  • Now perform the circuit diagram and connect all the wires as shown in the circuit diagram.


  • Pins on shield                          Pins on Bluetooth HC-05

                5V                                                    VCC

                GND                                                GND

                 1                                                       RX

                 0                                                       TX

  • Pins on shield                           

                 M1 ---- Motor 1

                 M2 ---- Motor 2

                 M3 ---- Motor 3

                 M4 ---- Motor 4


  • Upload the code to Arduino Uno.
  • Now download the Arduino car app from the play store on your smartphone. To download click here.
  • Connect the Bluetooth to phone via app.


  • HC05 module is a Bluetooth module using serial communication, mostly used in electronics projects.
    HC05 Bluetooth module important specifications:
    Working voltage: 3.6V – 5V

    Internal antenna: Yes 

    Automatic connection to the last device: Yes

  • HC-05 is a Bluetooth module that is designed for wireless communication. This module can be used in a master or slave configuration. To communicate smartphone with HC-05 Bluetooth module, a smartphone requires a Bluetooth terminal application for transmitting and receiving data. You can find Bluetooth terminal applications for android and windows in the respective app. store. 
  • So when the data from the application is transmitted with the HC-05 module then sends the signals to the motor driver shield. The shield converts the signals sent by Bluetooth to the respective motors with help of microcontroller Arduino UNO R3 and this is how the car will work.


Now your car is ready to drive.