Description:The Arduino Uno R3 Compatible board  is a micro controller board which is based on ..
Description:Item NO.:  A2212Dimension: 27.8*27mmShaft diameter: 3.17mmMax Efficiency: 80%Max Ef..
Specification:Weight: 125 gm(Approx.)RPM: 300Operating Voltage: 12V DCGear..
DescriptionThis popular reduction motor is simply the most commonly ..
Description:Double H bridge driveChip: L298N (ST NEW)Logical voltage: 5VDrive voltage: 5V-35VLogical..
HC-05 Bluetooth Module with Breakout Board..This comes with a tiny push button switch to enable prog..
Description:Compared to other versions of the Arduino using a separate USB-Serial converter chip, th..
Arduino is an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple i/o board and a development ..
Specification:Microcontroller: Atmel ATmega168 or ATmega328Operating Voltage:5VInput Voltage:7 - 12 ..
The Arduino Nano is a small, complete, and breadboard-friendly board based on the ATmega328 (Arduino..
Description:The Arduino Uno R3 Compatible board  is a micro controller board which is based on ..
Description:The Arduino Uno is a micro controller board which is based on the ATmega328. Arduin..
This is the new APM 2.8 autopilot module. The sensors are exactly the same as with APM2.6, this vers..
The KK2.1.5 is next big evolution of the first generation KK flight control boards. The KK2.1.5 was ..
CC3D EVO CopterControl Hardware FeaturesPowerful STM32 32-bit mic..
Characteristics:Compatible with Alexmos2.2 or firmware below, compatible with the newest firmware Br..
Features:   1. The advanced 32-bit ARM CortexM4 high-performa..
Radiolink Mini PIX Flight Controller kit Out Of Stock
Product DescriptionRadiolink Mini PIX M8N GPS Flight Control Vibrati..
Features: This board/chip uses I2C 7-bit address between 0x60-0x80, selectable with jumpersTerm..
3.5-5.5V Standard Passive Buzzer Module For ArduinoSpecification:Working voltage: 3.5-5.5VWorking cu..
Kits list:1 x Active buzzer module1 x Passive buzzer module1 x Common cathode RED&GREE..
Description:This is 433Mhz RF transmitter with receiver kit for Arduino ARM MCU wirelessApplication ..
Description:Trigger mode: High level5V Two relay moduleCan be used for microcontroller development b..
Description:Trigger mode: High level5V 4 channel relay moduleCan be used for microcontroller develop..
NEMA17 4.2 KGCM Stepper Motor New
The NEMA17 4.2 kg-cm Stepper Motor can provide 4.2 kg-cm of torque at 1.2A current per phase. T..
TowerPro MG995 Metal Gear Servo Motor MG995 360 Rotation New
TowerPro MG995 is Continuous Rotation 360° Metal Gear Servo Motor. It is a high-speed standard servo..
Digital Multimeter DT830D - Multipurpose Electric meter New
Description:-Digital Multimeter with 1M Ohm Impedance is Standard Diagnostic Tool to Measure Two or ..
Combo of 3 type Jumper Cables | F-F | F-M | M-M New
Details and Specifications:This is 10pcs of each (total 30 pcs) jumper cable Dupont wire for Arduino..
Desoldering Pump - Solder Sucker New
Desoldering Pump or Solder Sucker help to remove solder from the electric equipment Circuit &nb..
Solder Iron 25W New
Deluxe Soldering Iron is premium quality Soldering Iron. The most popular product General ..