(Credit: Indian LifeHacker)
Hello, In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to make T.V Remote Car using  Arduino Uno which will be controlled by a T.V Remote.

                    Hardware Required :

                    Software Required :

                    1. Arduino IDE

                    Step: 1

                    • Stick two motors on cardboard as shown in the image.
                    • Stick L298N Motor Driver between two motors.
                    • Join the connection between L298N Motor Driver and Motors.
                    • Stick castor ball wheel on cardboard as shown.
                    • Fix the wheels.

                    Step: 2 

                    • Now connect the Arduino UNO to the computer.
                    • Copy the zip file and paste it in the C drive library of Arduino.
                    • Copy the remote code from the above link and paste it in the Arduino software.
                    • Upload the remote code in Arduino board.
                    • Go to the serial monitor press any switch of your remote you will receive an IR code.
                    • Copy all IR codes and paste it in notepad.
                    • Now unplugged the Arduino.  

                    Step: 3

                    • Connect the motor driver to Arduino.
                    • Now go to coding and replace your default remote IR code with existing remote IR code.
                    • Now upload the coding into Arduino.
                    • Connect the battery to Arduino.
                    • Connect another battery for the motor in IC, connect positive to pin8 and negative to pin30.

                    • Now your car is ready to go