(Credit : Indian LifeHacker)
In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to make Line follower robot using  Arduino Uno which will follow the black line.

Hardware Required :

  1. Arduino Uno board
  2. Motor and Tyre
  3. castor ball wheel
  4. L298N Motor Driver
  5. IR Proximity sensor

Software Required :

  1. Arduino IDE

Step: 1

  • Stick two motors on cardboard as shown in the image.
  • Stick L298N Motor Driver between two motors.
  • Join the connection between L298N Motor Driver and Motors.
  • Stick castor ball wheel on cardboard as shown.
  • Fix the wheels.

Step: 2 

  • Stick the Arduino UNO and battery on another side of cardboard.
  • Stick IR proximity sensor slightly up from the ground as shown.

Step: 3

  • Connect the IR proximity sensor to Arduino UNO as shown.
  • Connect the Arduino UNO to the L298N Motor Driver.
  • At last, connect the battery to Arduino UNO.

Step: 4

  • Connect the Arduino UNO to the computer to upload the codes by using Arduino IDE.

  • Download the code: Click Here


  • Now Your Robot is ready to follow the black line.