Note: Before starting this process make sure that propeller is removed from motor for the safety purpose.


Step-1 Connect ESC with Receiver


  • Connect Your ESC Signal Cable with your receiver (only If you are using receiver). Generally channel 3 is use for throttle, If you are using other transmitter and receiver then channel number for reciever might be cahnge.
  • Here we are using Flysky FS-i6 transmitter and FS-iA6 Receiver.



Step-2 Set Throttle to Maximum Position.

  • Set Throttle switch to maximum position as show in photo. (Here channel 3 is Throttle Switch)


Step-3 Connect Battery

  • Connect battery to the ESC as show in photo.
  • Disconnect battery and connect it again.
  • Wait for music (This music sound is different from regular music sound)


Step-4 Set Throttle to minimum Position.


  • Ounce music sound is finished set throttle to the minimum possition as show in  picture.


Now Your esc has been successfully Calibrated.