In this video, we are going to make Mobile control car using the Arduino board and some other components. In this project, we will use Bluetooth connectivity between mobile and car to control.


Step 1: What Is Required



  1. Gear Motor: Buy Now
  2. L298N Module: Buy Now
  3. Bluetooth Module HC-05: Buy Now
  4. Arduino UNO link: Buy Now
  5. Jumper wires link: Buy Now


Android App: Download

Arduino Code: Click Here

Let's Make It

  • First, take all hardware component which is mention above and place it as shown in the photo.

Connection all the connections as shown in the above photo

If you want to see full detail about it then Go to Indian LifeHacker's video.

Let's Code It



  • Download code from
  • Download Above code and upload to the Arduino UNO Board using Arduino IDE Software.
  • Now, Download Application (Only for Android User)
  • Connect To the Bluetooth Device and your project is ready to use.
  • If you want to more detail about this project then you can watch the video.

Hope You like this DIY projects, If you have any doubt you can comment below.
You can buy All the Parts which is used in this video from the FlyRobo.