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ADXL335 Module - 3 Axis Accelerometer - Analog Output

ADXL335 Module - 3 Axis Accelerometer - Analog Output - Sensor - Arduino
ADXL335 Module - 3 Axis Accelerometer - Analog Output - Sensor - Arduino
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ADXL335 Module - 3 Axis Accelerometer - Analog Output - Sensor - Arduino
ADXL335 Module - 3 Axis Accelerometer - Analog Output - Sensor - Arduino

ADXL335 Module - 3 Axis Accelerometer - Analog Output

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The ADXL335 is low power, a complete 3-axis accelerometer with signal conditioned voltage outputs. The ADXL335 Module is a 3-axis Analog Output Accelerometer measures acceleration with a minimum full-scale range of ±3 g. It can measure the static acceleration of gravity in tilt-sensing applications, as well as dynamic acceleration resulting from motion, shock, or vibration. This breakout board comes with an onboard voltage regulator and works at both 3.3V & 5V (3-5V). An accelerometer is an electro-mechanical device that will measure acceleration forces. These forces may be static, like the constant force of gravity pulling at your feet, or they could be dynamic – caused by moving or vibrating the accelerometer.


Applications :

  • FPV, RC, and Robots systems

  • GPS navigation systems

  • Impact recognition and logging

  • Gaming and virtual reality input devices

  • Motion-activated functions

  • Intelligent power saving for handheld devices

  • Vibration monitoring and compensation

 Features :

  • Simple 5 pin interface (VCC, GND, Xout, Yout, Zout, Self Test)

  • Needs no external components

  • Easy to mount on General purpose PCB, Breadboards, and special PCBs

  • High Sensitivity for small movements

  • Fast Turn-On Time

  • Integral Signal Conditioning with Low Pass Filter

  • Robust Design, High Shocks Survivability

  • Build-in ultra-low noise linear LDO voltage regulator

  • Can be interfaced with 3.3V or 5V Microcontroller.

  • All necessary Components are populated.

  • Tap/Double Tap Detection

  • Free-Fall Detection

  • Analog output

  • Built-in onboard filters, which reduce noise from the motor and other high current electronics

  • Power LED

  • Build in the Logic level converter for I2C

  • Ultra-Low Power: 40uA in measurement mode, 0.1uA in standby@ 2.5V

  • Low Voltage Operation: 5V

  • Low Current Consumption: 500 μA


Package Content:

1 x ADXL335 Module

Each Axis Bandwidth


Input Voltage

3 ~ 6 V

Operating Temperature Range

-40 to 90 °C


2.1 cm


0.25 cm


1.6 cm

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