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IR 5mm RX (Infrared Receiver 5mm)

IR 5mm RX (Infrared Receiver 5mm)
IR 5mm RX (Infrared Receiver 5mm)
IR 5mm RX (Infrared Receiver 5mm)
IR 5mm RX (Infrared Receiver 5mm)

IR 5mm RX (Infrared Receiver 5mm)

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Unlike LDR that works in a visible region of light, photodiodes have more sensitivity to the infrared region. They are used with IR LED s instead of normal LEDs. When infrared light is absorbed by a photodiode, the number of free electrons and electron holes changes and raises its electrical conductivity. They are unilateral and work in reverse bias.


  • Range : 700-1050nm
  • Power Dissipation Pd: 100mW
  • Light Current IL(1000LX-10V) : >=3mA
  • Dark current Id (OLX-10V) : <0.1uA
  • Breakdown Voltage (VCEO(V)) : >30
  • Diode Head Size : 5mm x 9mm / 0.2" x 0.35"(D*L)
  • Color: Black

Pin Diagram:

Circuit Diagram :

Package Includes:

1 x IR 5mm Receiver.

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