• This blog shows you how to detect colors with the Arduino using the TCS230/TCS3200 color sensor.


  •  As you can see above I have predefined 4 colors:  red, green, yellow, and blue.

                                 What Is Required




  1. Arduino UNO link: Buy Now
  2. Jumper wires link: Buy Now           
  3. Arduino nano link: Buy Now   
  4. Servo motor link: Buy Now
  5. Battery 9V link: Buy Now





Arduino IDE


                                           Step: 1

  •  Make a box by using a corrugated sheet.
  •  Cut the box as it is told in the photo.


                                                Step: 2

  • Then put the servo motor in the box.
  • The servo motor has three pins connected.
  • First  Pin red and second pin brown and the third pin is of orange color.


                                         Step: 3


                                                    Step: 4



  •  shows the circuit diagram of the RGB color detector using TCS3200. 
  • The module can be used to sense a particular color only.
  • This sensor is especially useful for color recognition projects such as color matching, color sorting, test strip reading and much more.
  • When the R is the maximum value (in RGB parameters) we know we have a red object
  • When G is the maximum value, we know we have a green object
  •   When B is the maximum value, we know we have a blue object
  • Now, place something in front of the sensor. It should print in your serial monitor the color detected: red, green or blue.
  •  your sensor can also detect other colors



                                                          Step: 5




  • Connect the TSC3200 Sensor as bellow:
  •   S0 ==> Nano pin D2
  •   S1 ==> Nano pin D3
  •   S2 ==> Nano pin D4
  •   S3 ==> Nano pin D5
  •   OUT ==> Nano Pin D6
  •   OE ==> NonUsed
  •   VCC ==> +5V
  •   GND ==> GND
  • Connect servo GND pin to Arduino nano  GND pin.
  • Connect servo +Vcc pin to Arduino nano +5V pin.
  • Connect servo motor 1 Green pin(signal pin) to Arduino nano digital pin no.D7
  • Connect servo motor 2 Orange pin(signal pin) to Arduino nano digital pin no.D8


                                              Step: 6

  • Here's the final source code copy to link


  • In this blog, you’ve learned how to detect colors with the TCSP3200 color sensor.