The 5140 Ultrasonic Waterproof Speaker Horn might be just what you need if you're looking for a dependable and waterproof speaker horn. There are several uses for this small, multipurpose gadget, including outdoor activities and marine settings. Let's examine more closely at the unique features of the 5140.

What is the 5140 Ultrasonic Waterproof Speaker Horn?

This specialized speaker, the 5140 Ultrasonic Waterproof Speaker Horn, is made to produce loud, clear sound even in difficult settings. Because of its waterproof characteristics, it can be used outside where exposure to moisture is a concern.

Key Features:

1. Waterproof Design:

The standout feature of the 5140 is its waterproof design, allowing it to withstand rain and moisture. This makes it an ideal choice for marine applications, poolside events, or any situation where water resistance is essential.

2. Compact and Portable:

Despite its robust features, the 5140 remains compact and portable. Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport and set up for various events, ensuring that you can enjoy quality sound wherever you go.

3. High-Quality Audio Output:

The speaker horn is built to deliver high-quality audio output, providing clear and crisp sound. This makes it suitable for public announcements, outdoor concerts, or any situation where reliable sound projection is crucial.

4. Versatile Applications:

Whether you're organizing a beach party, a boat event, or need a durable speaker for your backyard, the 5140 is versatile enough to meet your audio needs in various settings.

How to Use the 5140 Ultrasonic Waterproof Speaker Horn:

Using the 5140 is straightforward:

  1. Power Connection: Connect the speaker to a power source using the provided cables.

  2. Audio Source: Input your audio source, whether it's a music player, microphone, or other audio devices, into the speaker.

  3. Secure Placement: Place or mount the speaker in your desired location, keeping in mind its waterproof features for outdoor use.

  4. Power On: Power on the speaker, and you're ready to enjoy clear and waterproof audio.


For individuals in need of a robust and water-resistant audio device, the 5140 Ultrasonic Waterproof Speaker Horn provides a useful option. It's a useful addition to any outdoor event or maritime setting where dependable sound projection is a priority because of its small size and wide range of applications.

The 5140 Ultrasonic Waterproof Speaker Horn is an option to think about if you're searching for a speaker that can resist weather conditions without sacrificing sound quality.