Hardware Required


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                        Step1: Drone assembly


  1. These are many types of frames for Drone. They are made of Fiber & has integrated PCB for soldering ESC and battery wires.
  2.  The drone which has four arms.
  3.  This kit is a very useful and affordable kit.

                                  Step 2: Motor

  1. These motors and ESC now come with bullet connectors and so you can easily connect (and disconnect) them.
  2. This may be essential as you must connect the motors cables to the ESC cables in a specific way to ensure they spin in the correct direction 372.


                                 Step 3: ESC

  1. The correct method of connection is shown below.
  2. an electronic speed controller is an electronic device used to control the speed of the motor and the direction also.
  3. It follows a speed reference signal and varies the switching rate of field-effect transistors.
  4. By adjusting the duty cycle or switching the frequencies of the transistor the speed can be changed


              Step4: KK 2.1.5 Flight Control


  1.  your connections are all good you should see the LCD screen on the board lit up.
  2.   KK2.1 Multi-Rotor controller manages the flight of multi-rotor  Aircraft   
  3. Its purpose is to stabilize the aircraft during flight and to do this, it takes  signals  from  onboard  gyroscopes  (roll,  pitch, and  yaw)
  4. You can use the supplied antistatic foam container as a form of protective case for the  Flight Controller on the craft.

                 Step 5: Receiver diagram




                       Step 6: Propeller Installation

  1.  You just need to be aware that there are two different types of propellers; counter-clockwise (CCW) and clockwise (CW) spinning ones.
  2. You, therefore, need to attach the correct props to the correct motors.
  3. Join the propeller with the motor and fit the propeller tite.

                          Step 7:Remote


  1.  It is a radio communicating wireless control system.
  2. The signal from the transmitter is received by the receiver placed on the frame of Drone through the antenna in a receiver.
  3. The signal from a receiver is given to the KK board.
  4. This board will send the signal to all electronic speed controller from that speed of the motor is controlled by the transmitter.