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18650 Battery Shield For Raspberry Pi,Arduino ESP8266

The 18650 Battery Shield holds single-cell lithium-Ion 18650 form factor batteries which should have integrated battery protection circuits. The boost circuit maintains the voltage to the Pi at 5.1V for battery voltages of 3.7V to 4.2V. The jumper allows you to disable power to the Pi and Isolate the battery circuit or start the Pi. This jumper can be used with an external relay providing automatic control from the circuit or system. It also includes two charging IC's which can charge up to 1A from the USB Micro connector and has two battery monitoring IC's which communicate to the Pi via I2C. Charging LEDs show the status of the charging process. The 18650 Battery Shield holds can also be used with other development and SBC boards. Any DC power supply, adaptor, or solar panel up to 18V max can be used with the charger. Use a good quality USB Micro cable as we found the flat style thinner cables did not work well with the charger and current was limited. The thicker round USB Micro cables work well.

(a) STAT1 (ON)

(b) STAT2 (OFF) - Pre-Conditioning or Fast Charge Mode

(c) STAT2 (ON) STAT1 (OFF) - Charge Complete 

(d) PWRGD (ON) - Power Is Good For Charge


  • 1A Charge Current Max for each battery
  • Up to 6A for Raspberry Pi via Li-Ion Batteries
  • Up to 18V DC Input for UPS and Charging
  • I2C Battery Monitoring (Python Script)
  • DUAL 18650 Single Cell Lithium-Ion Holder
  • 26/40 Pin Connector for Raspberry Pi
  • USB Micro Connector for Charging
  • Jumper for Pi On/Off/Charge
  • Voltage Regulation 5.1V
  • Use as a UPS or with Solar Panel
  • Wifi Header for ESP8266 (8 Pin) or Custom Board
  • Additional Micro USB connector for powering other devices
  • Screw Terminal for powering external boards
  • A 3-Pin Jumper to Switch USB Micro and Terminal Connection
  • Individual Load Cutoff Circuits for Low Battery
  • Standoffs Providing Support (with charger perk)
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Battery To Load ON LED's
  • Power Robots, Motors and More

Package included:

1 x 18650 Battery Shield

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