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QTR-8RC Line Following Reflectance IR Sensor Array

QTR-8RC is a reflectance sensor array but intended as a line sensor. It can be used as a general-purpose proximity IR or reflectance sensor. The device has 8 pairs of IR LEDs and phototransistors mounted on a 9.525 mm pitch. 

Each phototransistor in the module is followed by a pull-up resistor that forms a voltage divider and produces an analog voltage output between 0 to 5V as the function of the reflectance sensor. All the outputs are independent but LEDs are paired to halve the current consumption. The LEDs are controlled by MOSFET with a gate normally pulled high that allows LEDs to turn off by setting the MOSFET gate at low voltage. 


  • No analog to digital conversion requires.
  • Improved sensitivity over voltage-divider analog output.
  • A parallel reading of multiple sensors is possible.


  • Operating voltage: 3.3 to 5V
  • Current supply: 100mA
  • Output voltage range: 0V to supplied voltage
  • Output format: 8 digital I/O compatible signal
  • Sensing distance: 3mm
  • Maximum sensing distance: 9.5mm


  • Line following robot
  • DIY electronics and robotics projects

Package Includes:

1 x QTR-8RC Line Following Reflectance IR Sensor Array.

1 x Burg strip.

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