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3DR Radio Telemetry 433MHZ For APM PX4 Pixhawk

This wireless data transmission is designed according to the design of new 3DR datatransmission. The wiring is complete, and the independent housing is added. It is safer and more beautiful. The data transmission is more stable. It does not distinguish between the ground end and the air end. The two pieces are exactly the same, all with USB, and 6pin serial port dual TTL design, don't need to use any tools, users can upgrade firmware by themselves.


Item Name: 3DR Radio Telemetry Module
Support to MWC / APM / PX4 / Pixhawk flight control
Weight: 50g
Optional Version: 433MHz

* Small size and light weight
* CP2102 high quality USB to TTL chips
* 433MHZ 
* Support MWC / APM / PX4 / Pixhawk other open source flight control
* Receiver sensitivity of -118 dBm
* MAVLink Framework Agreement
* Open Source Firmware
* Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)
* 2-way full-duplex communication adaptive TDM
* Up to 25% can be corrected bit errors
* Based Si1000 and Si4432 wireless microcontroller modules.

Package Included:
3DR Radio Telemetry 

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