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Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller

Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller
Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller
Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller
Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller
Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller
Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller
Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller
Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller
Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller
Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller
Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller
Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller
Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller
Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller
Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller

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The Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller is an advanced and reliable flight control system designed for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drones. It is a cutting-edge solution that combines high-performance hardware with intelligent software to deliver precise flight control and enhanced aerial capabilities.

Featuring a compact and lightweight design, the Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller is built with quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. It is suitable for both hobbyists and professional drone pilots looking to push the boundaries of their aerial missions.

(Download Mission Planner HERE)

Key Features:

  • Advanced Flight Control: The Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller employs a state-of-the-art flight control algorithm, providing exceptional stability and responsiveness. It offers a seamless flying experience with precise control over your UAV.
  • High Compatibility: This flight controller is compatible with a wide range of UAV platforms, including quadcopters, hexacopters, and octocopters. It supports various flight modes, including stabilized flight, altitude hold, GPS positioning, and waypoint navigation.
  • Integrated Sensors: Equipped with advanced sensors such as gyros, accelerometers, and magnetometers, the flight controller ensures accurate data feedback for precise flight control. These sensors work together to maintain stability and optimize flight performance.
  • OSD Display Integration: The Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller seamlessly integrates with an OSD (On-Screen Display) system, providing real-time flight information, including battery voltage, altitude, speed, and more. The OSD display enhances situational awareness during flight.
  • Simple Configuration: The flight controller is user-friendly and easy to configure, thanks to its intuitive software interface. It supports firmware updates, allowing you to stay up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.
  • Fail-Safe Protection: With its advanced fail-safe features, the Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller ensures a safe flying experience. It includes features like low battery return, signal loss protection, and emergency landing capabilities, enhancing the overall reliability of your drone.
  • Telemetry Support: The flight controller supports telemetry systems, enabling real-time communication between the UAV and ground control station. This feature provides valuable information about your drone's performance, battery status, and flight parameters.

Whether you're a drone enthusiast, aerial photographer, or professional drone operator, the Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller offers an exceptional level of control, stability, and versatility. It combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features to elevate your drone flying experience to new heights.

Tutorial Video: 

Technology Assurance

Introducing the revolutionary Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller, a cutting-edge flight control system that utilizes a unique high dynamic algorithm. This advanced technology combines Kalman filtering and inertial navigation algorithms, making it the preferred choice for high-speed autonomous drones and various other applications.

Renowned for its exceptional performance, the Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller has been featured in several prestigious projects. It played a crucial role in capturing breathtaking aerial footage for the documentary "Amazing Drone Race China," produced by Tencent in 2018. Additionally, it was utilized in the filming of the movie "WU KONG" using the Huawei P30 Pro mobile phone, showcasing its outstanding capabilities. The flight controller also powered the XPENG T1 prototype Flying car, demonstrating its versatility across different industries.

In 2021, the Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller expanded its capabilities to include automatic mission execution. Specifically designed for agricultural vehicles, this control system has successfully addressed a prevalent industry challenge: the issue of agricultural vehicles damaging seedlings when changing lines. With its precision and efficiency, the flight controller has revolutionized the agricultural sector by achieving optimal operational results.

With the Radiolink crossflight Flight Controller, you can experience unparalleled control and reliability. It empowers your drone with intelligent and autonomous capabilities, ensuring smooth and accurate flight operations. Trust in its advanced algorithm and state-of-the-art technology to enhance your aerial missions and overcome the challenges of various industries.


Vibration Damping by Software

Vibration Damping by Software same as the Mini Pix, it can effectively filter out high-frequency vibrations, ensure the accuracy of sensor data at all times, achieve better Altitude Hold effect, and make the flight more stable. Breaking the tradition, all the planes with fixed-wings, drones(including micro racing drones such as 210, 220, 250), and even helicopters do not need to add a mounting frame.

It has a shell completely closed to protect the interaction effects of air current wake on air pressure during flight.

The mainboard has an air pressure vent to ensure the accuracy of the barometer testing.

Shell design and vibration damping by software make Radiolink crossflight achieve a better Altitude Hold effect.

OSD Module Integrated
Real-time Gesture Visualization Display

crossflight can graphically display OSD information such as the flight direction and position of the aircraft in real time without the need for an external OSD module. The pilot can intuitively grasp the status and coordinates* of the aircraft at any time during the first-view (FPV) flight of aircraft such as racing drones and long-distance fixed-wing aircraft. Achieve a more comfortable flying experience.

10 Channels PWM Output

crossflight, with a 39.7*39.7*13mm mini size, supports up to 10 channels of PWM output, and is adaptable to Multirotor, Airplanes, helicopters, cars, and boats. It can be used in multiple industries such as aerial photography, public safety, aerial surveying and AEC, electricity, oil and gas, surveying and mapping, agriculture, education, and flight formation.

Mini Size as F4

The dimension is only 39.7*39.7*13mm, which eliminates unnecessary redundant interfaces and reduces the complexity of installation, the total weight with connecting cables is 54 grams, which reduces the weight of the whole machine to lengthen the flight time and can be installed in small-sized high-speed aerial photography drones for stunt skiing and supercar promotional videos.

Cost-effective Solution

Flight controller crossflight, Radiolink M8N mini GPS TS100, 8 channels remote control system T8FB/T8S, ultrasonic sensor SU04/SUI04, almost all the parts of RC drone you need we can offer. Super adaptability of cost-effective solutions in various application fields such as cutting-edge UAV solutions, UAV education, agriculture, flight formation, educational companies, security and rescue, smart epidemic prevention, public safety, and cinematography solutions.

  • GPS/I2C: GND, SDA(3.3 pullups), SCL(3.3V pullups), RX(IN 3.3V), TX(OUT 3.3V), VCC(5V)
  • RC IN/BUZZER: VCC(5V), RC IN, GND, Null, BZ(-), BZ(+)
  • POWER: VCC(5V), VCC(5V), Current, Voltage, GND, GND
  • USB: Type-C
  • TELEM1: VCC(5V), TX(OUT 3.3V), RX(IN 3.3V), GND
  • TELEM2: VCC(5V), TX(OUT 3.3V), RX(IN 3.3V), GND

Update new information about crossflight;

1. it can support DShot/OneShot Protocol: please upgrade the firmware to the latest first, which can be downloaded. 
2. it can support upgrade the firmware by both the Radiolink Mission Planner and ArduPilot Mission Planner but need to upgrade the firmware to the latest below first. 

Package Content:

1 x Flight Control(crossflight)
1 x Power Module(Support 2-12S)
1 x Buzzer
1 x I2C Transfer Board
1 x FC Status Indicate LED
1 x set of cables
1 x set of other accessories






Input Current

90A power module

Input Voltage

2-12S (power module)

Operating Temperature Range


Output Voltage



10 channel

RC In Signal Input


RSSI Output






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esc not getting calibration .with radio cross flight contoller
one arm motor spin very low rpm . and when i calibration esc with software dnt geting 3 beep.
Ravindra luhar
  • There is option in the mission planner flight controller to calibrate ESC but you are not able to use this option you can manually calibrate one by one ESC by the following method.

    Please refer this link

    Flyrobo[ 15/04/2024 ]
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